When I was a kid, I loved to build model airplanes from kits

… and I still love putting stuff together now. Whether working on my bike or my car, building LEGO with my kid, building stuff with tools or just using my bare hands. I just love it. And this is why I have created this jewelry, which you can keep on reconstructing for as long as you want.

First of all, it’s great to be able to create something that looks cool; but if I choose to change it, I can do so within minutes. Who hasn’t tried to build a model of some kind, and really enjoyed the building process, only to find that once it’s finished, it just ended up standing on the shelf. So it’s not just about putting things together, it’s about taking them apart and doing it again … and again … and again … each time differently.

...not my real signature ;)Dan Kjærsgaard, Jewell’s designer

Future Concepts


The testarossa of jewelry … well … almost

The Jewell visual expression takes its inspiration from iconic designs from the time of the industrial revolution to the 1950s. Many of these iconic designs are still found in products today. These inventions have significantly changed the way that we live. Mass production, steam engines, moulding, electricity, tooling and magnetism gave us phones, radios, cars, airplanes, cameras; and even music (rock’n’roll music, of course)! The first phone, the first cars, the first airplanes and other inventions from that period of time were all based on some type of modularity and basic mechanics. All men tend to like things that are mechanical. Taking things apart and putting them back together, understanding how they work, sharing their know-how with the guys and impressing the girls.


Just holding a key to the ignition of a fast car is a dream come true for any man. The key represents the ultimate and final tool to fulfil an engineering masterpiece.


An invention is a thought that becomes an idea that becomes a project. Investigation, exploration and taking something apart is male nature. However, some men need a little help.


Without music, life would be a mistake….

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