Huh? What? … I mean WHAT?????

A few posts back I explained how I just loved building model airplanes when I was a kid. I guess that this is because man has, since the dawn of time, been the hunter, provider and builder; the guy who fixes things. But actually, I thought there could be more to this. So I googled “why do men need to build?” And “why do men need to construct?”. And I was amazed … Googles answers to my questions about men’s deepest genetic gender-based urges, were:

  • things guys want from a relationship
  • what guys want from a girlfriend
  • what makes a man want to commit
  • list of what men are looking for in a relationship
  • what men think are the most important things in a relationship
  • how men think when in relationships

Either Google just failed me big time, or we have lost touch with our masculinity, big time!

This ends right now! I am reclaiming my manhood, honoring the true values of my inner caveman!!!

Okay, I hadn’t really planned that this post should educate you about what goes on when you Google, but guys! We need to do what we find important. Now I feel that there is an urgency to my designs, that it is even more important to get out there. I guess I just validated my designs, but then again… I had to!

– Dan Kjærsgaard, Jewell’s designer

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